Deliverables for Smart4Europe2

D1.1 Innovation Portal updates and analytics

D1.4 Final Report on Marketplace

D1.5 Report on Service Centre and Innovation Support

D2.1 Typology of the SAE Community Report

D2.2 Collaboration Synergies

D2.3 Best practices guidelines

D2.4 Cross-cutting Impacts Report on Results of Impact Analysis

D3.2 Report on Ecosystem Events

D3.3 Report on cooperation with DIHs, ECSEL and Focus Area projects

D3.4 Outreach Evaluation Report

D3.5 Report on Brokerage Activities

D4.1 Technology and Innovation Radar

D4.2 Record of activities targeting national/regional initiatives

D4.3 SAE Contest AwardReport

D4.4 DEI Showcase Event

D4.6 Sustainability Strategy and Recommendations

D5.5 Report on training activities

Also see the archived deliverables of Smart4Europe1.