D1.1 Innovation portal setup

D1.2 Report on Marketplace

D1.3 Report on service centre

D 1.4_final report on market place

D 1.5_final report on service center

D2.1 Impact and Opport. of SAE

D2.2 Report on first SAE community event

D2.3 Best practice guidelines

D 2.4_report on SAE community events

D 2.6_Benchmarking and sustainability plan

D3.2 Outreach Plan

D3.3 Map of existing digital initiatives

D 3.4_outreach evaluation report

D3.5 Report-on-Brokerage-Event_final

D4.1 Up and coming SAE ICT technologies

D4.2 Initial Technology and Innovation Radar

D 4.3_new applications for SAE technologies

D 4.4_Final Technology and Innovation Radar

D 4.5_Recommendations on FP9

D5.2 SAE related news service

D 5.5_Recommendation on implementation and sustainability of DIHs